Indo Chinese, Desi Foods With a Dash of Flavourful Hyderabadi Biryanis That Leave You Craving More


Located in Southall, Wok & Karahi is a part of London where Asian cuisines have long been revered by Londoners. We combine our affinity for creating a lively and welcoming ambience where you get to indulge mouth-watering foods prepared with great care.

Every dish we prepare and serve our customers begins its journey in the kitchen in the form of fresh, high-quality ingredients. Using only the best produce, our chef prepares delectable concoctions that were birthed in rich cultures around Asia.

When opening the doors to Wok & Karahi, we aimed to create authentic experiences for diners. Our commitment to providing our customers with a pleasant experience is personified in a family-oriented ambience where every customer gets equal attention and friendly service.

With over 25 years of managerial experience in the restaurant business and facilitating the success of previous ventures. Wok & Karahi is a step taken to continue appealing to the pallet of those who have a taste for the complexity of flavours, aroma and overall experience of desi and Indo-Chinese foods.

Wok & Karahi refer to the principal cookware used in Chinese and Indian cooking, respectively. It also represents the distinct flavours of both cuisines you can experience under one roof.

Stewed in Tradition and History

Our roots are steeped in 600-year-old traditions that come from different parts of Asia. Trade of spices, political jests and migration from Iran, the Persian Gulf, India and China resulted in the creation of new flavours, dishes and delicacies that have become a regular part of the Southeast Asian palate.

We have preserved long-standing traditions from the Mughal Empire, the era of Nawabs and days of trade, bringing them over across the pond to share the delectableness of flavours of Mughalai cuisine, Indo Chinese specialities and the depth of Hyderabadi dum biryanis.

From using traditional cooking utensils, spices and cooking methods to using high-quality ingredients made especially for the local palate, we aim to continue passing on our traditions and integrating them into the big society.

Whether you want us to cater to your indoor or outdoor event, celebrate your special occassions or want to host a family gathering in the restaurant, Wok & Karahi will make sure you and your guests experience authentic tastes accompanied with our impeccable service.

We appease your gastronomic senses with authentic Indo Chinese cuisines, titillating aromas of traditional spices emanating from fresh, authentic foods. From Hyderabad to multiiple Chinese provinces, you can experience the authenticity of modern and traditional Asia under one roof.

Come Join Us at Wok & Karahi for a Frenzy of Piquant Flavours in Vibrant Ambience


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